Buba - Cruise Music Artist

Buba – Cruise Music Artist


Buba – Feels Like Dancing [CMS093]

GALLEON Quality 10
sam divine nice work 7
Angelo Ferreri Really nice! 9
Joey Chicago great vibes 9
SQuirt D I feel lik dancing too 9
Alek Soltirov Hottt!! 9
Milty Evans Super funky! Nice mos def can play 9
Demuir DOPE! 8
gene farris thanks!! 9
Rescobar Bomba! 9
Milty Evans Super funky mos def rock this! 9
Sean Biddle Dope! Heading for my crate. Thanks 8

Makito & Buba – Dance & Chant (Original Mix) [CMS046]

Dance & Chant (Original Mix) Makito Buba

Makito, No. 20 jackin house producer by Traxsource, and his friend Buba, are back!
‘Dance & Chant’ is so catchy with it’s amazing groove and funky sax, which is a recipe for any dancefloor out there!

Sean Biddle When that vocal drops in..Big! Full support 8
Squirt D THis track is straight DOPE!!!!!!!
Dropping this in all my sets!!!!!
Makito is so on FIRE right now!!!!!!
Yakka Makito & Buba, always good combination 8
Angelo Ferreri Is always a pleasure listen good funky music! 10
Milty Evans Super funky, feeling this alot. Hot 8
DJ Antek Makito on fire once again ! 9
Mick Teck Support 😉 9
Double Bass Very good, thanks 8
Rescobar makito never fails, support 9
Alek Soltirov Dope! 9

Makito & Buba – Stomp To It (Original Mix) [CMS033]

Makito & Buba - Stomp To It (Original Mix) [CMS033] Cruise Music

Makito is BACK with his sidekick Buba and they are here to make you ‘Stomp To It’
Groovy and funky jackin house jam! Early support coming from Gramophonedzie, Wise D & Kobe, Mark Funk, Yakka, Danny Cruz…. Makito & Buba – Stomp To It (Cruise Music)

Yakka Oh this one is finally out! THE BOMB! 9
Angelo Ferreri really good work! will test 10
SQUIRT D Loving this right now!!!! 9
Double Bass Very nice track! Full support! 8
Rescobar Bomba! 9
Bilke :* 10
Milty Evans Nice solid groove on this one. 8
Sasha Agressor top! 10
DJ Antek Love it ! Makito on fire once again 9
Troublemakers top! 10
Double bass Support, thanks 9
Sean Biddle Great work on a nice jackin tune. 7