SAMO – Straight On [CMS113]

Danny Cruz Great! Blood on the dancefloor! 10
Galleon Quality! 10
DJ James Ingram SAMO and Cruise on fire together. This track is perfect and in my next chart. 9
Sam Divine Sounds good 8
Rafa Alcantara Fresh track perfect for the summer! I will play for sure, thx! 8
Squirt D nice 9
Dj Fopp Great track 9
Milty Evans Been down with SAMO for a minute, dope producer! 8
Buba nice ! Thank you! 🙂 8
Angelo Ferreri nice track 9
Rescobar Super nice track! Full support! 10
DJAntek Absolute banger ! 9
KPD really good for summer !! 9
BLACKSOUL / PEZNT Awesome track! Love it 10
Jay Vegas Full Support! 10
Alek Soltirov 10

Gramophonedzie – Into Danger [CMS101]

Dj Fopp Cool 8
sam divine great 9
Alek Soltirov <3 10
galleon This is wicked! 10
squirtd LOVE IT 10
joey chicago Nice VIBES! Full support 8
Demuir I’ll fux with this! 8
Ya Nice dirty groove! 8
DJ Mes Love it! 9
Topa Heat!!! 10

Mark Funk & Danny Cruz – Tenderness [CMS100]

GALLEON This is huge! 10
Kiza Karanovic Wooooow,nešto za nas malo starije….Svaka čast! 10
Rescobar Super nice funky vibes! 9
James Ingram The boys are back!
Flawless rock solid production. Perfect for so many sets. So uplifting and addictive.Coming off the back of Giman – Up & Down. This is exactly what Cruise Music needed. Love that you have put it out on Cruise and not Guesthouse. Really going to put spotlight back on Cruise Music for next coming months.

Now I’m going to have to look at my House Salad mix for this month and see what I can take out to put this track in….great problem to have! Well done guys 🙂

sam divine sounds good 8
Topa Top work bechari! 10
Yakka Sweet and sexy 8
Milty Evans Some nice summertime disco goodness right here! Luv 8
demarkus lewis 7
Joey Chicago Phonkeeyy 8

Makito – Disco Love [CMS099]

GALLEON This is wicked! 10
Rescobar Disco Banger! 9
Demuir Groove! Feelin’ this! 8
Sean Biddle Digging it! Will try it out. Thank you 7
sam divine nice one 8
Topa Nice track! 8
Milty Evans Cool trax….feelin it! 8

Danny Cruz – Feels So Real [CMS098]

demarkus lewis 7
Kevin Maze Great one Danny.
Instantly love it!Will support it on Club Vibes Platinum Radio London
Alek Soltirov Tooo! 10
GALLEON This is wicked! 10
sam divine great one 8
BLACKSOUL / PEZNT pretty cool! will support 7
Demuir Feelin this funk’ 7
Milty Evans One of my all time favorite song….Nice flip. Mos Def Rock! 9

Mark Funk – Like I Feel [CMS097]

Joel DeMarzo Great Track! Its going into my playlist!!!! 9
Joel DeMarzo Great Track! Its going into my playlist!!!! 9
GALLEON This is a grat track! 10
Milty Evans Mark doin what he does ….Nice one! 8
Kevin Maze OMG, I’m literally screamin…this makes me happy.

Instant support next tuesday -> Club Vibes with Kevin Maze at Platinum Radio London

Rescobar Bomba! 10
sam divine nice one 8
Topa Funky as hell!!!Top job Mr.Funk 10
Sean Biddle Diggin’ it. Will try out! 7
demarkus lewis 7

Giman – Up & Down [CMS095]

GALLEON Quality! 10
sam divine good vibes 8
Squirt D NICe 9
Topa Nice one! 8
Rescobar Like always from Cruise, only the good news! 🙂 9
Anthonne Boogie Shepherd BLOODY AWESOME! So damn good. I’ll be playing the hell out of this. 8

Pinto (NYC) – There is Nothing EP [CMS094]

SQUIRT D FRESH!!!!!!!!! 10
sam divine good work 7
GALLEON Quality! 10
Milty Evans Nice soul vibe on both of these joints! 8
Sean Biddle Great release. 7
Rescobar Pinto goes disco mad! 9
gene farris thanks!!! 9

Buba – Feels Like Dancing [CMS093]

GALLEON Quality 10
sam divine nice work 7
Angelo Ferreri Really nice! 9
Joey Chicago great vibes 9
SQuirt D I feel lik dancing too 9
Alek Soltirov Hottt!! 9
Milty Evans Super funky! Nice mos def can play 9
Demuir DOPE! 8
gene farris thanks!! 9
Rescobar Bomba! 9
Milty Evans Super funky mos def rock this! 9
Sean Biddle Dope! Heading for my crate. Thanks 8

Ritmo Du Vela – Jazz, My Culture [CMS092]

Kiza Karanovic Čist šmekerizam 10
Iban Montoro Suport !!! thanks 4the music ! 9
demarkus lewis 7
GALLEON This is brilliant! 10
Anthonne Boogie Shepherd Very cool. Looking forward to playing this tonight. Thanks heaps. 8
Maliblue O Yeah Baby ! 10
Milty Evans all the way jazzed out! Nice! 8
Sean Biddle Nice keys. Will try. 7
Gene Farris thanks! 9
Makito 10
sam divine nice work 8
Rescobar Nice one ! Support! 9
Alek Soltirov Jazziness! 10

Delpezzo – Feels Right EP [CMS091]

sam divine cool release 7
GALLEON This is wicked! 10
Anthonne Boogie Shepherd Very funky. I’ll be happy to play both of these in my sets. Cheers 8
Sean Biddle Nice Sade sample on Feels Right! Def will play. 7
DJAntek Big EP loving both tracks. 9
gene farris good stuff!!! 10
demarkus lewis Nice! 8

Mirko & Meex – Stop The Groove [CMS090]

GALLEON This is Quality! 10
Rescobar Funkee wonky! Full support! 9
Topa Lijepo vozi:) 9
Yakka Groovy stuff! Love it, support! 9
sam divine nice work 8
Kevin Maze Love this one. Will support it! 8
Milty Evans Been down with these Serbian cats for awhile, they are always dope! Mos Def support this one! 10
Makito 10
Joey Chicago Never stop groooovin! 8

Mick Teck – Records [CMS089]

Kiza Karanovic Top,Top,Top… 10
Makito Mick is pure 10 as always! 10
GALLEON This is quality! I love it! 10
Joey Chicago Great! 7
sam divine thanks 8
SQUIRT D Let me go ahead two of these!! PLEASE!!!!! I like that its hot!!!! 10
Topa Great one! 10
Rescobar Nice piano ride! Will play 9
Anthonne Boogie Shepherd Very cool. I’ll be happy to play this funky little groover, a lot. 8
Yakka Bomb! 8
Kevin Maze This one brings instantly a great vibe to the dancefloor. Will spin in the club soon. Radio first. 8
Milty Evans Nice grooved out disco goodness! mos def supporting this 8

DJ Fopp & Luciano Gaggia – Party People [CMS088]

Alek Soltirov 10
Joel DeMarzo Great track! I love the Sample and the grooving basslines! 9
Topa Support!nice tune! 9
Rescobar Fine tracks 9
Milty Evans Big fan of Fopp for awhile, drops a nice grooved out joint right here. 8
sam divine nice 8
Maliblue Sold! 9
Yakka Cool tune, support! 8

Planktom – Real Pimpin’ EP [CMS087]

Demuir Real Pimipin’ is the track! 9
Kevin Maze Great release again guys! 8
Rescobar Super groovy 9
Demarkus Lewis Yup this is REALLY dope!!! 9
Sean Biddle Diggin ‘Real Pimpin’. Will try! 7
Milty Evans Solid EP of Goodness. H is my favorite. 8
DJAntek Pumping EP – “H” is the stand out track for me. Bangin’ 9
BLACKSOUL / PEZNT dopeass tracks! 9
Mirko & Meex Very nice, thanks 8
Makito 10
Gene Farris thanks!!! 8
Sam Divine nice work 8

Gramophonedzie – Funk You Up (Original Mix) [CMS073]

Gramophonedzie - Funk You Up (Original Mix) [CMS073]
Petar Pan downloading for 8
Milty Evans Gramo hottness! 8
Sean Biddle Diggin’ it. Can’t wait to try it out. 8
Angelo Ferreri nice 6
Makito As always pure gold 10
Topa Love it! 10
sam divine great groove 9
Maliblue & Paunovich Words ? FUNK YOU UP ! damn blaster! 10
SquirtD LOVE THIS 10
Gene Farris good stuff!!! 10
Joey Chicago Yeesss what a tune! 9
Rescobar Funkee bitchin! Chume in full effect! 9
Bonetti Really hot! 10
DJAntek Pumping funkiness. Love it ! 9
DDS Great groove 9
Mick Teck TOP! 10

Daniele Mistretta – Fresh Air [CMS070]

Daniele Mistretta - Fresh Air
sam divine cool track 8
Topa Love it!Full support! 10
DJAntek Yes, summertime groover ! 9
Milty Evans Hot Bizness!! 9
Squirt D Very nice!!! 9
Yakka Bomb! 8
KPD freshhhhh house !! 8
Demarkus Lewis Nice flow! 8
Rescobar Super nice, support! 9

Dirty Disco Stars – Look Up (Original Mix) [CMS069]

Dirty Disco Stars - Look Up
Angelo Ferreri nice funk 6
Sean Biddle Tasty slice of disco 7
sam divine cool work 8
Squirt D These guys are so HOT right now!!! I love this!!!! 10
KPD love the disco style !! 7
Maliblue & Paunovich great disco track! 8
Squirt D Re downloading now im back home!!! THis is so hot!! 10
Rescobar Drrrty Dizkoooooo 9
Bonetti Fantastic disco track! 9
DJAntek DDS on fire as usual doing their thing. Love it ! 9
gene farris thanks!!! 8

Mark Funk – Let You Know (Bonetti Remix) [CMS068]

To start off with some remixes for our past releases, we have Bonetti, bringin a little bit of his flava on Mark Funk’s ‘Let You Know’ track.
Pure jackin, filtered groove and Bonetti proves his producing skills one more time!

Out on Friday 5. August exclusively @traxsource

Topa Great one!Full support! 10
Yakka nice! 8
Rescobar Nice filter house 9
Squirt D Seriously this is the dude to watch out for!! I swear everything he is touch is gold lately!!! SOLID!!!!! 10
Milty Evans Really nice flip, mos def rock this. Chi – town love! 9
Maliblue & Paunovich no comment! Support for Mark! 10
Alek Soltirov 10/10!! 10

Stema – Glowin [CMS067]

We got Stema in the house and it’s a big one!
Super groovy piano jackin house track, ready to rock anytime, anywhere!

Out on Friday 29. July exclusively @traxsource

Joel DeMarzo Beautiful Tune!!! Cant wait to play it on the big system!!! 10
sam divine good one! 8
Sean Biddle This is some serious heat! 8
Bonetti Disco feeling, I like it! 8
Rescobar Stema is on fire! 9
gene farris good stuff!!! 9
Milty Evans Nice flip of a classic 8
DJAntek full on jackin groover ! 9
Squirt D THIS IS THE JAM!!! Stema is on FIRE!!!!! 10

Daniele Mistretta – Hot Sun [CMS066]

Daniele Mistretta is back on the Cruise with another soulful jam!
To all the soulful lovers out there, make sure you get this one!

Out on Friday 22. July exclusively on @traxsource

Joel DeMarzo I love the brass work!! Always better with some horns!!!! I cant wait to play this for the dance floor! 9
SQUIRT D Very Nice!!!!! 9
Joey Chicago Amazingly Funky! 8
Demuir Yup. 7
Bonetti Great work! 8
Sean Biddle Nice laid back summer affair. 7
Topa Epic! 10
sam divine nice! 7
Rescobar Sunshine! Nice one 9
Gene Farris thanks funky stuff!!! 9
Milty Evans always love some sax in my traxs 8
DJAntek Summertime funkiness. love it ! 9

Squirt D – Go Outside [CMS065]

Sean Biddle My boy back at it! Full support 7
Squirt D This is guy is the coolest. i hope i can write music like him one day! 🙂 10
Bonetti Good vibes! Nice track. 8
sam divine good vibes 8
Milty Evans Loving the flavor on this 8
Joey Chicago Magic! 8
Rescobar Summer groove! Support! 9
gene farris thanks!! 9
DJAntek Massive track from SD ! 9
Mirko & Meex Nice, thanks 8

Kenny Bizzarro – Love [CMS064]

sam divine good track 8
Sean Biddle Bizzarro does it again! Proper 8
Yakka Nice uplifting groove 8
Milty Evans Been down with Kenny for a minute, he is mad dope! All love 8
gene farris thanks! 8
Squirt D THis guy has been killing it lately!!!! Great track 10
Bonetti I like it! Great work. 9
Rescobar love is in the air! full support 9
DJAntek KB is on fire ! Love it. 9

Angelo Ferreri & BSJ – Juice Of Disco [CMS063]

mes love it! 8
Joey Chicago Awesome sound as always on cruisemusic 8
Angelo Ferreri Hey! 10
Bonetti Quality and groove! 8
Topa Nice Flashback! 8
sam divine very nice! 8
Yakka Lovely, love that sample! 8
Maliblue & Paunovich Charted on Traxsource!Thanks 9
Demarkus Lewis 8
SQUIRT D The Ace!!!! 10
Milty Evans New flip to a classic, mod def can get some plays out of it. 8
DJAntek Huge track… love it ! 9
Rescobar Bomb! 9
Gene Farris thanks! 8

Dirty Disco Stars – Together in C (Original Mix)[CMS062]

Bonetti Very cool! Good work. 8
dj mes Love this one! Nice work!! 8
sam divine sounds nice! 8
Gene Farris thanks 8
Squirt D Drums are awesome and vocal is smooth. Love it 10
Yakka Dopeness! 8
Joey Chicago Thank you very much!! 8
DJAntek nice summer funky groover ! 9

KPD, Miguel Lara – House Music Never Dies feat. Odille Lima [CMS061]

Oysha 10
Bonetti Nice stuff! The original mix is my favorite. 9
Sean Biddle Underground mix is fresh! Thanks 7
Squirt D Nice!!! 9
Rescobar Super Nice! 9
sam divine sounds good! 8
Maliblue & Paunovich Big Support !Underground Mix for us! 10
Yakka Dope as always! 8

Stema – Here Comes The Beat [CMS060]

Stema - Here Comes The Beat [CMS060]

Stema is with us again and this one is pure jackin/disco groove!
Make sure you grab this one!

Out on Friday 10. June EXCLUSIVELY @Traxsource

Yakka Nasty funky sound! 9
Angelo Ferreri nice! 9
sam divine cool track! 8
Joey Chicago Yes! 8
DJAntek Stema rocking it as usual. Love it ! 9
Bonetti Nice disco-jacking track! 8
Rescobar Nice one again! Keep them coming 9
Alek Soltirov 8
Squirt D This is in my top 5 right now!!!! So HOT!!!! 10

Topa – Without You (Original Mix) [CMS059]

WIthout You (Original Mix) Topa
Sean Biddle Can’t wait to give it a spin 7
Topa This guy is sexy!!!! 10
Alek Soltirov 8
Bonetti Nice vibes! 9
sam divine sounds nice 8
Squirt D Topa killing it again!!!!! 10
Yakka Dope dope !! 8
DJAntek Topa on fire ! pumping 9
Rescobar Full support! Topa nailed it! 9
Milty Evans my man Topa come threw with a hot new flip! Dope groove on this too full support! Chi town love! 8

Mick Teck – Freak (Original Mix) [CMS058]

One Word! Mick Teck is Back! This is just dope!
Another talent from the balkans, brings the heat to the beat!
Jackin as it’s supposed to be! Any floor will bounce to this in no time!
Grab it ASAP!

Out on Friday 27. May EXCLUSIVELY @Traxsource

Angelo Ferreri nice 6
Gene Farris thanks good job! 9
sam divine sounds cool! 8
Rescobar Killa! 9
Squirt D SOLID 10
Alek Soltirov Dope! 9
Demuir Feelin’ this one! 8
DJAntek club banger ! 8

Danny Cruz – Strings of Love (Original Mix) [CMS057]

Strings of Love (Original Mix) Danny Cruz

Danny Cruz means business with this great disco jackin anthem called ‘Strings Of Love’.
Make sure to get while it’s hot!

Out on Friday 20. May EXCLUSIVELY @Traxsource

Sean Biddle Great Jackin track for my spring sets 7
Bonetti Good feelings and quality! Support. 9
DJAntek That is the funky shit right there… Love it ! 9
Alek Soltirov Nice!! 9
Joey Chicago Nice one! Disco Disco Disco! 8
Demarkus Lewis Great Summer Vibe here! 8
sam divine sounds good 8
SQUIRT D Thee Boss Man making fire!!!! Loving this one a lot!!!!! Thank You 10
Maliblue & Paunovich Perfect summer tune! 10
Skibblez Love it! Powerful mix! 10
Mick Teck Dobra! 😉 9
Rescobar Summer Bomb! 9

Bonetti – On The Ground EP [CMS056]

On The Ground Bonetti

Bonetti is back on Cruise Music with some pure quality!
‘On The Ground’ is a bit dark and deep, but still has a proper club groove, while ‘Kingdome of Love’ is a beautiful soulful track, that needs no special description, just get it asap and enjoy the music!

Out on Friday 13. May EXCLUSIVELY @Traxsource

Angelo Ferreri nice 7
Yakka Something a little bit different, like it! 8
sam divine sounds good! 8
Milty Evans Lovin the deep vibe “On the ground” solid! 8
Sean Biddle A bit deep for my sets. Kingdom of Love is nice & chill. 6
Squirt D Love it 9
DJAntek full on fiya ! 8
Gene Farris thanks! 8

Mark Funk – Let You Know (Original Mix) [CMS054]

Let You Know (Original Mix) Mark Funk Cruise Music

Cruise Music’s bosses are busy lately, so here is another release from Mark Funk, lovely jackin track, perfect for your intro sets, so make sure you grab it on time!

Out on Friday 29. April EXCLUSIVELY @Traxsource

Maliblue & Paunovich Disco Mare! Odlican! 10
sam divine very cool! 8
Yakka Finjak! 8
Angelo Ferreri what I have to say.. Mark is Funk )) 10
Bonetti Great track! Full support 8
Milty Evans His name is Mark Funk……? That says all you need to know, another hot banger. Chi-Town love 9
Squirt D Mark Funk in the house! That is biz! 10
DJ Antek bangin’ funkiness … love it ! 9
Rescobar Bomba! 9
Squirt D 10
Skibblez Always the best from Mark! 10
gene farris thanks! 8

Makito – Jackin With Millie (Original Mix) [CMS052]

Jackin With Millie (Original Mix) Makito

Makito is back on Cruise Music and we are sure this is going to be his year to reach the top of the Jackin House scene!
Jackin With Millie is an absolute winner!
Super groove, heavy bassline & sampled vocals, produced by Makito, it’s a floorfiller for sure!

Out on Friday 15. April EXCLUSIVELY @Traxsource

Angelo Ferreri simply dope! good job guys 10
Maliblue & Paunovich Nice one bro! Big support for Makito & Cruise Music! 9
Double bass Support, thanks 8
DJ Mes Love it! 7
Wise D & Kobe Great as always! 10
Topa Top work:) 10
Sean Biddle Nice N Funky. Will try it out! Thanks 7
Rescobar Makito is alwys on point, good stuff 9
Squirt D DAMN Makito is so on FIRE right now!!! WOW!!! 10
Bonetti Great track! Full support 8
Yakka nice groove 8
DJ Antek Love it… more funkiness from the main man Makito ! 9
Gene Farris good stuff! 9

Hiva – Sunshine (Original Mix) [CMS051]

Sunshine (Original Mix) Hiva

Hiva is back on Cruise Music with another disco stomper!
Great sampling from the south-serbian youngster will leave you no time to think!
Get it while it’s hot!

Out on Friday 8. April EXCLUSIVELY @Traxsource

Bonetti Nice disco tune! 7
Joey Chicago Nice track, will def support it! 8
sam divine very nice work 8
Yakka Funky funkyyy 8
Angelo Ferreri nice 6
Milty Evans Hottness, im really feeling the flavor on this one. 9
DJAntek Banging slice of funkiness ! 8
Squirt D FIRE!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! 10


Bonetti – Music & Rhythm EP [CMS050]

Bonetti Music & Rhythm

We have some amazing groovy yet soulful beats, from Bonneti, so you just have to make sure you get both of the tracks on time!

Out on Friday 1. April EXCLUSIVELY @Traxsource

Squirt D Very smooth!!! 8
Angelo Ferreri nice 6
sam divine cool tracks! 8
Alek Soltirov 10/10 needed something like this lately! 10
Yakka Both tracks are great, my fav is Every Day Of My Life 9
Sean Biddle 6
Milty Evans Dope summmer Pool vibe….NICE! 8
DJAntek Bangin’ EP. Music & Rhythm blows the roof off ! 9
Mick Teck Nice work! Support 9
Double Bass Nice release.. 7
Rescobar Nice grooves 9
Skibblez soulful and smooth, love both tracks! 10
gene farris thanks! 9

Joey Chicago – Rock The Groove (Original Mix) [CMS049]

Rock The Groove (Original Mix) Joey Chicago

It’s our great pleasure to present to you, for the 1st time on Cruise Music, our dear friend, Joey Chicago!
Rock The Groove is another one of those Joey’s trademark grooves, pure disco-jackin business, so hurry up and get it asap!

Gene Farris Funky 🙂 9
Demarkus Lewis Tasty from the J 🙂 7
J Paul Getto full support 10
Sam Divine sound good! 8
Angelo Ferreri Always gold music Joey! Will play for sure! 10
Topa Yeah real oldschool b**ch! 10
KPD sweet!!! good soul house!!!! 7
DJ Mes slick! 7
Danny Cruz For the love of disco! 10
Yakka Just dope! 9
Sean Biddle Nice ‘n’ tasty. Great for my early sets. Thanks as always 7
Rescobar Joey nailed this one. Propper nice! 9
Alek Soltirov Nice one!! 9
Milty Evans Lovin the flow on this one! Another hit! 9
Maliblue & Paunovich Strong track! Big Support! Love those vox! 9
Squirt D This is the biz!!! 100% 10
Mick Teck Nice 😉 9
DJ Antek JC on form. Love it ! 9

Super Drug – Deeper (Original Mix) [CMS047]

Deeper (Original Mix) Super Drug Cruise Music

Our secret weapon, Mr Super Drug, has another hypnotizing groove which is nothin but jawdroppin, body movin, underground dancefloor madness!
Pure Fire!

Gene Farris Thanks! 8
Sam Divine very nice 8
DJ Mes Sick! 8
Danny Cruz Sick Sick SICK! 10
Squirt D. Nice deep driving track!!! Top choice as always!!! 8
Double Bass Nice, thanks 8
Rescobar It is a hell of a drug! 😉 9
Angelo Ferreri nice 6
Milty Evans Such a big fan of this cat! Hottness! 9
Sean Biddle Very original and creative with that hip hop vibe! Thank you will try 7
Topa Just sick! 10
DJ Antek Deep funky grooves … Love it ! 8
Mick Teck Bomb! 10

Makito & Buba – Dance & Chant (Original Mix) [CMS046]

Dance & Chant (Original Mix) Makito Buba

Makito, No. 20 jackin house producer by Traxsource, and his friend Buba, are back!
‘Dance & Chant’ is so catchy with it’s amazing groove and funky sax, which is a recipe for any dancefloor out there!

Sean Biddle When that vocal drops in..Big! Full support 8
Squirt D THis track is straight DOPE!!!!!!!
Dropping this in all my sets!!!!!
Makito is so on FIRE right now!!!!!!
Yakka Makito & Buba, always good combination 8
Angelo Ferreri Is always a pleasure listen good funky music! 10
Milty Evans Super funky, feeling this alot. Hot 8
DJ Antek Makito on fire once again ! 9
Mick Teck Support 😉 9
Double Bass Very good, thanks 8
Rescobar makito never fails, support 9
Alek Soltirov Dope! 9

Angelo Ferreri & Danny Cruz – The Moment [CMS045]

After success of their collaboration on ‘Big Fun’ track, Italian funky don, Angelo Ferreri, and Cruise music’s captain, Danny Cruz, joined forces once again. This is their moment, and we believe this track’s gonna shine!

Great combination of funky rhythm, pumpin’ bass and dirty vocals that came straight outta Belgrade, from Serbian rnb singer Eeva!

Squirt D TALK ABOUT HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10
Yakka Dopeness! 9
Buba great track!! sabili ste 🙂 10
Alek Soltirov 9
Makito pure gold! 10
Topa Nice job dečkovi! 10
Sean Biddle Feelin’ the vocal mix. I’ll give put it in my crate. 7
Rescobar Pumpin funkyness! Full Support 9
DJ Antek AF is on fire ! bangin’ release 9
Double Bass Very nice! Support! 8
KPD you are good 8
Milty Evans Nice team up from quality cats….Dope trax! 9

Dirty Disco Stars – Love I Got (Original Mix) [CMS044]

Love I Got (Original Mix) Dirty Disco Stars

Our dear friend, Dirty Disco Stars is on fire! This release is A BOMB!
Trademark disco beats and super uplifting groove will rip dancefloors all over the world!

Skibblez This is straight FIRE! Another dance floor heater! The Dirty Disco Stars never disappoint! 10
Topa Great,IMO best track by DDS till date!Mile Voli Diskooooo 10
Yakka Funky as hell! 8
Sean Biddle Love it. Going straight into my weekend crate! 8
Mick Teck Odlicna! Support 😉 10
Rescobar Allthe love for this one 😉 9
DJ Antek mighty fine funky houser from DDS ! love it 9
Mark Funk Boom! 10
Squirt D Love it!!!! 9
Alek Soltirov 10
Demarkus Lewis 8
Angelo Ferreri nice track DDS! 8
KPD nice! 7

Danny Cruz – Love Story (Original Mix) [CMS042]

Love Story (Original Mix) Danny Cruz

1/2 of Cruise Music, Danny Cruz is back with his love story track which is nothing but beats & love.
Make sure not to miss this one, it’s a must have!

Angelo Ferreri Good work my friend. Full support 10
Jazzman Wax Great Track! Many Thanks 8
Yakka Super groovy! 8
Joey Chicago Nice one as always!! 8
Milty Evans Love the O.G. Vibe on this one. Hot 8
Demarkus Lewis Heater!! 8
Topa Love it! 10
Alek Soltirov 10
Squirt D SO GOOD!!!!! 10
Demuir Groovin’ 7
Sean Biddle Damn, This is the bomb! Way to go. 8
DJ Antek dance floor heater from DC 9
Rescobar Danny killed it again! Support 9


Massimo Russo – Get The Funk [CMS039]

Massimo Russo - Get The Funk (Original Mix) [CMS039] Cruise Music

Mr Massimo Russo delivers pure disco jackin style.
This one is a dancefloor filler, so make sure you grab it on time.

Milty Evans Love the movin groove. Solid! 8
Angelo Ferreri good sounds! nice track Massimo 9
Sean Biddle Charted on my December 2015 Top 10 chart on Traxsource. “Who’s Got That Funk? You Got That Funk” 8
Alek Soltirov Top notch 10
Topa Really nice one! 9
Yakka Nice one! Discofied! 8
Joey Chicago Full support 9
DJ Antek Funkylicious… Love it ! 9
Mirko & Meex Support, thanks 8

Stema – People Feelin’ (Original Mix) [CMS038]

Stema - People Feelin' (Original Mix) [CMS038]

One of our missions is to search for new talents and we think that Stema is one of those guys with bright future.
His 1st single for Cruise Music is nothin’ but solid jackin house groove with some disco flava on top of it!

Angelo Ferreri really nice! full support for Stema and Cruise Music 10
Topa Nice ride! 8
Maliblue Nice track! Thanks 7
Milty Evans nice filter goodness! 8
Rescobar Another disco goodie! 9
DJ Antek Another top draw funky groover ! 9
Yakka Nasty sound! Love it¨! 9
Sean Biddle Nice taste of some jackin 7
SQUIRT D. The BIZ!!!!! 9

Makito – Doin’ It (Original Mix) [CMS037]

Makito - Doin' It (Original Mix) [CMS037] Cruise Music

Another bomb by our brother Mr Makito!
This groove is pure heat and Makito prooves his skills one more time.

Yakka Nasty tune, love it 8
Milty Evans Nice flip of classic! SOLID 8
Rescobar Makito is doin it! 9
Alek Soltirov 10
DJ Antek Another funky banger from the main man Makito ! 9
Angelo Ferreri really nice! charted! 9
Bilke :* 10
SQUIRT D Lovin this!!! Makito hits it out the park again!!!!! 10
Blacksoul cool release…check it out everybodyyyyyy 7

Squirt D – Midnight (Incl. Remix from Danny Cruz & Ruben Naess) [CMS036]

Squirt D - Midnight (Incl. Remix from Danny Cruz & Ruben Naess) [CMS036] Cruise Music

Here we are with the brand new release from Mr Squirt D and Danny Cruz & Ruben Naess on the remix duty.
Well known sample wrapped up into a new arrangement sounds great, while Danny’s & Ruben’s version is a non vocal, pure jackin beats treatment.

Milty Evans Really nice re-work. Diggin it 7/10 Original
KPD VERY GOOD HOUSE MUSIC!!!!! 8/10 Original
Angelo Ferreri Good! 8/10 Original
Squirt D I have to say Squirt D is one SEXY man!!!!!!!! 10/10 Original
DJ Antek another banger from CM… loving both mixes ! 9/10 Remix
Alek Soltirov 10/10 Remix
Yakka nice sample! Love the original! 8/10 Original
Rescobar jack your body! 9/10 Remix

R.E.D. – Sax All Night (Original Mix) [CMS035]

R.E.D. - Sax All Night (Original Mix) [CMS035] Cruise Music

RED’s 1st track for Cruise Music called Sax All Night has some really nice saxy vibes, great sampling and nice & smooth groove, perfect to start your evening with. Enjoy!

Milty Evans Most def a serious sax groove on this. SOLID! 7/10
Sean Biddle Nice and mellow for RED. 7/10
Topa Really nice work;) 9/10
Angelo Ferreri good work man! 8/10
SQUIRT D RED at it again!!! Nice 9/10
DJ Antek Another sexy banger from R.E.D ! 8/10
Yakka Pleasure for ears! 8/10
Rescobar Nice groove 9/10

Mark Funk & Danny Cruz – It’s My House (Original Mix) [CMS034]

Danny Cruz & Mark Funk - It's My House [CMS034] Cruise Music

After the great success of their 1st collab on ‘Real Love’ track, reaching top on most of the Traxsource charts, Cruise Music label bosses Mark Funk & Danny Cruz join forces once again, to revive another old school anthem, from back in the days.
You’re gonna love this one!

Topa Awesome work guys!Love it! 10
DJ Mes 8
Milty Evans Nice re work of a classic 8
KPD nice one bro !!!! 8
Squirt D This is SOLID 10
Yakka Funky happy tune, love it! 8
DJ Antek Nice funky groover ! 9
Rescobar Oh yeah! Bomb! 9
Angelo Ferreri again a good work
thanks guys
Double Bass Very nice, thanks 8
Maliblue sorry guys for late Feedback, this 1 rocks my house! 10
Joey Chicago !!!! 9
Alek Soltirov 10

Makito & Buba – Stomp To It (Original Mix) [CMS033]

Makito & Buba - Stomp To It (Original Mix) [CMS033] Cruise Music

Makito is BACK with his sidekick Buba and they are here to make you ‘Stomp To It’
Groovy and funky jackin house jam! Early support coming from Gramophonedzie, Wise D & Kobe, Mark Funk, Yakka, Danny Cruz…. Makito & Buba – Stomp To It (Cruise Music)

Yakka Oh this one is finally out! THE BOMB! 9
Angelo Ferreri really good work! will test 10
SQUIRT D Loving this right now!!!! 9
Double Bass Very nice track! Full support! 8
Rescobar Bomba! 9
Bilke :* 10
Milty Evans Nice solid groove on this one. 8
Sasha Agressor top! 10
DJ Antek Love it ! Makito on fire once again 9
Troublemakers top! 10
Double bass Support, thanks 9
Sean Biddle Great work on a nice jackin tune. 7

John Dalton – Into You (Original Mix) [CMS031]

Cruise Music - John Dalton - Into You (Original Mix) [CMS031]

John Dalton debuts on Cruise Music. Great disco/jackin house vibe with some saxophone on top of the groove will move every crowd out there.

Topa Just the way I like it!Great one! 10
Yakka Funky! Love it! 8
Milty Evans Cool trax, love the funky horn sample 8
Joey Chicago Awesome 8
Angelo Ferreri nice! thx for promo 7
Squirt D YES!!!!!!!!! 9
DJ Antek Superb funky groover… Loving it ! 9
Alek Soltirov 8
Rescobar Nice work here 9

Angelo Ferreri – Move To Dance (Original Mix) [CMS030]

Cruise Music - Angelo Ferreri - Move To Dance

Mr Ferreri need no special introduction! This is his year in Jackin House and we’re proud to have “funky don” on board with the “Move To Dance” single!

Rescobar Angelo is a killer! Bomb 9
Topa One of the best tunes by Angelo!Love it! 10
Alek Soltirov Love the disco vibe! 10
Yakka Angelo great as always! Support 8
Milty Evans Nice funky trax, angelo is on fire! 8
Squirt D TALK ABOUT MASSIVE TRACK!!!!!!!!!! Lets just say i will be playing every set!! Nice one Angelo!!!!!!!:) 10
DJ Antek Another banger…love it ! 9
DJ Mes Love it! 8
Joey Chicago NICE! 9
Angelo Ferreri see you on Jackin’s Cruise )) 10

Tom’s & nudsko – Move Your Body [CMS029]

Cruise Music - Tom's & nudsko - Move Your Body

Straight outta Thailand please welcome Tom’s & nudsko. Their first single brings us some serious deep-jackin house vibes. Make sure to check this one, and show some respect and support for the Thai crew!

Belgeon Nice, very niiice 🙂 8
Angelo Ferreri clean! nice work, will test 8
Yakka Lovely groove, sexy! 8
Squirt D Another one for the charts i see!!!! 🙂 9
KPD really good house !!! 7
Tom’s Funky & Grooving ….. 8
DJ Antek Funkylicious, loving this one. BIG Track !!! 9
Rescobar Body movin!!!!! 9

Makito – Wasted Money (Original Mix) [CMS028]

Cruise Music - Makito - Wasted Money

Makito’s second single on Cruise Music is called Wasted Money, but when you check it and buy it sure won’t be a waste of money.
Pure funky gold and it’s a must have track for any Jackin House lover!

Topa Nice work as always! 8/10
Double Bass Nice track.. useful.. thanks. 7/10
Squirt D. YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES, and more freaking YES!!!!!!!! CRUSIE IS THE BIZ!!! I tell u!!!! 10/10
Yakka Nice! Makito great as always! Perfect for my next promo set 9/10
Alek Soltirov 9/10
DJ Antek Peak time wet knicker teaser pleaser… Love it ! 9/10
nudsko In love with strings and brasses 9/10
Mick Teck Bravo brat 😉 9/10
KPD GREAT JOB!!!! 8/10
Angelo Ferreri nice work! 8/10
Maliblue Nice track, will worm up dance floor! 8/10

KPD – Explore Your Body EP [CMS027]

Please welcome KPD to Cruise Music’s family. His debut EP on Cruise Music is nothing but the groove and heavy basslines. “Play Yourself” is our favorite and we’re sure that this one is going to reach top spots on any funky chart!

Yakka Dope sound, both tracks work for me! Support for my old buddy KPD! 9/10
Squirt D As always a top notch anthem!!!!! 10/10
Angelo Ferreri really good! will test both! thx for promo 10/10
Mick Teck Great EP ! Support ! 10/10
Milty Evans Dope A$$ groove baby! 9/10
DJ Antek Cracking EP from KPD, full of grooving flavours ! love both tracks 9/10
Squirt D. Man, i so love this right now!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10
Rescobar Funkee as always! Go on Cruise 9/10

Skibblez – When I Found You [CMS026]

Cruise Music - Skibblez - When I Found U (Original Mix) [CMS026]

Cruise Music’s crew welcomes mr. Skibblez aboard.
His first single on Cruise Music is nothin but pure disco revival. We are sure that you will love this one and you make sure not to miss it.

DJ Antek Another bangin release on Cruise Music from Skibblez. Full support 10/10
Ya Some serious disco house sound here! Love it! 9/10
Joey Chicago In my opinion the best house song so far this year. 10/10
Mick Teck Support !!! 9/10
Squirt D WOW!!!! SO good!!!!!!!! 10/10
nudsko Another great release by Cruise Music. Big up. 10/10

Mark Funk – Unbelievable [CMS025]

Mark Funk - Unbelievable - Cruise Music

Cruise Music’s boss Mark Funk releases his second solo track on his own imprint.
“Unbelievable” is another old school theme combined with Mark’s trademark disco beats and bassline..

Angelo Ferreri big! good job Mark! 9/10
Topa This one will get nice support from the dancers! 9/10
nudsko Great old skool piano vibes there. A weekend must play track. 10/10
Milty Evans Solid flip of a classic joint! Hot 8/10
Rescobar The Boss is on fire, club killer! 10/10
Danny Cruz GREAT!!! 10/10
Tom’s Full support from Bangkok 7/10
Loco Unbelievable 10/10
Alek Soltirov Odlican 5! 10/10
Maliblue This is just Unbelievable! Thanks Mare! 9/10
Yakka Mark Funk dropped a bomb again! 9/10