Milosh Resanovich Rescobar showed his interest in music at a young age.
Hailing from Pancevo, Serbia, he has grown to appreciate a broad range of music and his sound is heavily influenced by Funk, Jazz, Disco, Soul and Hip- Hop.
Started DJing in 2000. Now he is one of the Disko Zoo Crew members, famous for their crazy parties. Guys are gathered under Disko Zoo label owned by Gramophondzie and beside Rescobar there are a lot of talented DJs/producers in the crew like Manjane, Mark Funk, Copyshop Downtown, Wise D & Kobe. Well-known for his unique giddy and soulful deep jackin’ sound, he plays a wide array of consistently good house music that never fails to move..
Rescobar has played in numerous festivals and clubs throughout Serbia and Southern Europe. Having played alongside Gramophonedzie, Tommy Largo, DJ Mes, Sonny Fodera, Copyright, Soydan, Blacksoul, Combined, to name just a few.