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Delpezzo – Feels Right EP [CMS091]

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Delpezzo's FEELS RIGHT EP is all about simple sampling and jackin grooves. Both samples are very well edited, with some funky basslines and beats, you'll love it, for sure! Out on Friday 3rd March exclusively on Traxsource http://www.traxsource.com/title/765765/feels-right-ep sam divine cool release 7 GALLEON This is wicked! 10 SQUIRTD NICE 9 Anthonne Boogie Shepherd Very funky. I'll be happy to play both of these in my sets. Cheers 8 Sean Biddle Nice Sade sample on Feels Right! Def will play.…

Mick Teck – Records [CMS089]

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Brother Mick is back with this huge track and we belive this one will go high up the charts! That piano sample is pure magic! OUT NOW > www.traxsource.com/title/755796/records Kiza Karanovic Top,Top,Top... 10 Makito Mick is pure 10 as always! 10 GALLEON This is quality! I love it! 10 Joey Chicago Great! 7 sam divine thanks 8 SQUIRT D Let me go ahead two of these!! PLEASE!!!!! I like that its hot!!!! 10 Topa Great one! 10 Rescobar Nice piano…

DJ Fopp & Luciano Gaggia – Party People [CMS088]

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DJ Fopp has a new single and it's out on our Cruise Music. Our favorite for this month is his 'Party People' collab with Luciano Gaggia, and it's unstoppable jackin groove. Get it while it's hot! Out on Friday 10. February exclusively on Traxsource http://www.traxsource.com/title/749777/party-people Alek Soltirov 10 Joel DeMarzo Great track! I love the Sample and the grooving basslines! 9 Topa Support!nice tune! 9 Rescobar Fine tracks 9 Milty Evans Big fan of Fopp for awhile, drops a nice…

Planktom – Real Pimpin’ EP [CMS087]

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Planktom brings two jackin jams, both groovy and dancefloor ready, so pick both, don't think twice! Out on Friday 3. February exclusively on Traxsource http://www.traxsource.com/label/21901/cruise-music Demuir Real Pimipin' is the track! 9 Kevin Maze Great release again guys! 8 Rescobar Super groovy 9 Demarkus Lewis Yup this is REALLY dope!!! 9 Sean Biddle Diggin 'Real Pimpin'. Will try! 7 Milty Evans Solid EP of Goodness. H is my favorite. 8 DJAntek Pumping EP - "H" is the stand out track for…

Alessio Cala’ – Jackin Advisor EP [CMS083]

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Alessio Cala' presents two funky tracks, great grooves in both of them. 'Jackin Advisor' is a proper dancefloor track while 'I Can Do' is a true B side, full of saxophones and beats.ust-have! Out on Friday 16. December exclusively on Traxsource http://www.traxsource.com/title/723411/jackin-advisor-ep

DJ James Ingram – Body To Body [CMS082]

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Superb track by James Ingram! Pure disco house, nice sample & vocals, can't ask for more! Out on Friday 9. December exclusively on Traxsource http://www.traxsource.com/label/21901/cruise-music

Danny Cruz – Love Story (Pt. 2) (Original Mix) [CMS081]

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Danny brings the 2nd part of his 'love story' and this time it's all about the groove. Less vocals, more bass, don't sleep on this one! www.traxsource.com/title/717557/love-story-pt-2

Dirty Disco Stars – Just A Moment (Original Mix) [CMS080]

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Just a moment is a sweet disco jackin track, some big sampling business from DDS, so make sure you get it asap! www.traxsource.com/title/714866/just-a-moment

Kenny Bizzarro – Thank You (Original Mix) [CMS079]

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Kenny Bizzarro is here ladies and gentlemen and he is back with pure jackin fire! The skill is strong in this one and we absolutely love this guy! www.traxsource.com/title/713912/thank-you

Pinto (NYC) – NY to Miami EP [CMS078]

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Pinto (NYC) is the new name in our Cruise family and he brought us some jackin fire with this two track EP. 305 and 212 will take you to the dancefloor in a matter of seconds. Check it out! Out on Friday 11.11.2016. exclusively on @Traxsource