SAMO – Straight On [CMS113]

Danny Cruz Great! Blood on the dancefloor! 10
Galleon Quality! 10
DJ James Ingram SAMO and Cruise on fire together. This track is perfect and in my next chart. 9
Sam Divine Sounds good 8
Rafa Alcantara Fresh track perfect for the summer! I will play for sure, thx! 8
Squirt D nice 9
Dj Fopp Great track 9
Milty Evans Been down with SAMO for a minute, dope producer! 8
Buba nice ! Thank you! 🙂 8
Angelo Ferreri nice track 9
Rescobar Super nice track! Full support! 10
DJAntek Absolute banger ! 9
KPD really good for summer !! 9
BLACKSOUL / PEZNT Awesome track! Love it 10
Jay Vegas Full Support! 10
Alek Soltirov 10

Gramophonedzie – Into Danger [CMS101]

Dj Fopp Cool 8
sam divine great 9
Alek Soltirov <3 10
galleon This is wicked! 10
squirtd LOVE IT 10
joey chicago Nice VIBES! Full support 8
Demuir I’ll fux with this! 8
Ya Nice dirty groove! 8
DJ Mes Love it! 9
Topa Heat!!! 10

Mark Funk & Danny Cruz – Tenderness [CMS100]

GALLEON This is huge! 10
Kiza Karanovic Wooooow,nešto za nas malo starije….Svaka čast! 10
Rescobar Super nice funky vibes! 9
James Ingram The boys are back!
Flawless rock solid production. Perfect for so many sets. So uplifting and addictive.Coming off the back of Giman – Up & Down. This is exactly what Cruise Music needed. Love that you have put it out on Cruise and not Guesthouse. Really going to put spotlight back on Cruise Music for next coming months.

Now I’m going to have to look at my House Salad mix for this month and see what I can take out to put this track in….great problem to have! Well done guys 🙂

sam divine sounds good 8
Topa Top work bechari! 10
Yakka Sweet and sexy 8
Milty Evans Some nice summertime disco goodness right here! Luv 8
demarkus lewis 7
Joey Chicago Phonkeeyy 8

Makito – Disco Love [CMS099]

GALLEON This is wicked! 10
Rescobar Disco Banger! 9
Demuir Groove! Feelin’ this! 8
Sean Biddle Digging it! Will try it out. Thank you 7
sam divine nice one 8
Topa Nice track! 8
Milty Evans Cool trax….feelin it! 8

Danny Cruz – Feels So Real [CMS098]

demarkus lewis 7
Kevin Maze Great one Danny.
Instantly love it!Will support it on Club Vibes Platinum Radio London
Alek Soltirov Tooo! 10
GALLEON This is wicked! 10
sam divine great one 8
BLACKSOUL / PEZNT pretty cool! will support 7
Demuir Feelin this funk’ 7
Milty Evans One of my all time favorite song….Nice flip. Mos Def Rock! 9

Mark Funk – Like I Feel [CMS097]

Joel DeMarzo Great Track! Its going into my playlist!!!! 9
Joel DeMarzo Great Track! Its going into my playlist!!!! 9
GALLEON This is a grat track! 10
Milty Evans Mark doin what he does ….Nice one! 8
Kevin Maze OMG, I’m literally screamin…this makes me happy.

Instant support next tuesday -> Club Vibes with Kevin Maze at Platinum Radio London

Rescobar Bomba! 10
sam divine nice one 8
Topa Funky as hell!!!Top job Mr.Funk 10
Sean Biddle Diggin’ it. Will try out! 7
demarkus lewis 7

Giman – Up & Down [CMS095]

GALLEON Quality! 10
sam divine good vibes 8
Squirt D NICe 9
Topa Nice one! 8
Rescobar Like always from Cruise, only the good news! 🙂 9
Anthonne Boogie Shepherd BLOODY AWESOME! So damn good. I’ll be playing the hell out of this. 8

Pinto (NYC) – There is Nothing EP [CMS094]

SQUIRT D FRESH!!!!!!!!! 10
sam divine good work 7
GALLEON Quality! 10
Milty Evans Nice soul vibe on both of these joints! 8
Sean Biddle Great release. 7
Rescobar Pinto goes disco mad! 9
gene farris thanks!!! 9

Buba – Feels Like Dancing [CMS093]

GALLEON Quality 10
sam divine nice work 7
Angelo Ferreri Really nice! 9
Joey Chicago great vibes 9
SQuirt D I feel lik dancing too 9
Alek Soltirov Hottt!! 9
Milty Evans Super funky! Nice mos def can play 9
Demuir DOPE! 8
gene farris thanks!! 9
Rescobar Bomba! 9
Milty Evans Super funky mos def rock this! 9
Sean Biddle Dope! Heading for my crate. Thanks 8

Ritmo Du Vela – Jazz, My Culture [CMS092]

Kiza Karanovic Čist šmekerizam 10
Iban Montoro Suport !!! thanks 4the music ! 9
demarkus lewis 7
GALLEON This is brilliant! 10
Anthonne Boogie Shepherd Very cool. Looking forward to playing this tonight. Thanks heaps. 8
Maliblue O Yeah Baby ! 10
Milty Evans all the way jazzed out! Nice! 8
Sean Biddle Nice keys. Will try. 7
Gene Farris thanks! 9
Makito 10
sam divine nice work 8
Rescobar Nice one ! Support! 9
Alek Soltirov Jazziness! 10