Cruise Music is a house music label that originated in 2014 as an idea that something like this is needed on the scene and was founded by Mark Funk and his "younger brother" Danny Cruz.

At that point, they were one of the world's leading jacking house producers, with several award-winning no. 1 singles, and the label came as a natural sequence of events.

The idea was to put their sound (jackin, disco, funky house) on the label, but also to "wake up" local and regional producers of house music.

After only a year, Cruise Music has reached the status of a leading Serbian and regional house music label, and today they are side by side with world’s leading record labels, both because of the artists on the roster and high positions on online stores, and because of the music selection that has been recognized by the world’s biggest artists, promoters and music portals.



Danny Cruz

A&R/PR Manager


Mark Funk

A&R/PR Manager








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Los Pinos – Eclisse

Disconova – Freedom

Delgado – Dat Music

Ron H – So Good

Estray – East Side

Peter Brown – Sunshine

Dexter Troy – So Right

Mirko & Meex – Amore EP

Trimtone – Holding On

Hiva – Street Funk

Ronan C – Soul Thing

LuxyLux – Saxo Funky

Point85 – Last Time

Benjamin Barth – Take Away

Dexter Troy – Disco Nights

Hendt – Talking About You

Flaroll – Sun Out

Uber Disco – Waiting

Trimtone – Ooh Baby

Trinseo – On My Mind

Dave Kurtis – Funkin Good

Dexter Troy – Tania

Din Jay – Lookin For Love

Hiast – Interstate EP

BOND – Bringing It Down

Mark Row – Take Me Up

Bargie – Gettin Groovy

Zaebits – House Thing

Uber Disco – Free

Dexter Troy – Fonky Beat

Both 91 – Let It Ride

Trinseo – I Can

Wampa – Levanzo Knows EP

Softpaw – Fire

MF Productions – Blow It Up

Hiast – Crate Diggin’

Wampa – I Love It

Maut – Geral Funky

Dzialach – Confusion

Rory Hoy – My House

Hiast – Rebound

Simone D JAY – Disco Star

Wampa – Bringing It Down

Manny M – Self Love

Disco Shakerz – Down With It

Samo – Strangers (Remixed)

Ben Zimmermann – Boogie Yeah

NICH (T) – Skyfall

Bargie – Troubles

Jonk & Spook – Dynamites

Moon Trip – Funky Party

Sam Tyler – Night Theme

Mirko & Meex – Remind Me

Kry (IT) – Move Your Body

Scott Judge – Bring It

Phunkmode – Mistery

Hiva – Around

Walt J – Light Beer

Kolt & Resende – Hands

Superdrug – Hold On

NICH (T) – Need U

Uber Disco – Believe

Gy Fos – The Feeling

FederFunk – Need To

Narda – Tokyo Nights

Kwu – Let It Breathe

Garas – Jacking Deep

Scott Judge – My House

James Deron – Deep

Kibou – Reach Out

Kwu – Devotion

White Ocean – Somebody

Dirty Disco Stars – Get Down

Trimtone – To The Music

DJ AX – Funky Time

Garas – No Hate

Trimtone – Paradise

Joi N’Juno – Gazet

Peter Brown – Body & Soul

Tom Fabi – 12 Hours Trip

KACZ – You Got The Feeling

Inve & Forsi – Pushing

Din Jay – Alright With Me

Maxim Grosch – On My Mind

DJ Shu-ma – Together

Keith Mac – Mesmerized

Robbast – Come Funk

Mirko & Meex – Mine

Marc Smith – Disco Jack

Super Drug – Discotize Me

Tom Brownlow – Room 38

D.Rossini – Tonight

Oskar Jay – The Vibe

Hiva – Fiesta

Twilusk – I Want Ur Body

Mark Funk – Love No More

Double B – It’s Hers

Trimtone – Sleep Dancer

HP Vince – You Can Do It

Mirko & Meex – Queen

Souxsoul – Come Inside

SAMO – Strangers

Edwin Geninatti – Together

Hiva – The Vision

Mirko & Meex – Fallin’

Kenny Bizzarro – E-Motion

Joï – Sandyara

Peter Brown – Hang On

Hiast – Dirty Funk

Trimtone – Don’t You Know

HP Vince – Walk In The Sky

Ralph C – Left & Right

Dandy Club – Y.O.U.

Steve Lee – Bring The Vibe

Jonk & Spook – Cafè De Mar

Joï – Nankeleke

Maffa – Wonderful Man

Trimtone – Work It Out

Joey Chicago – So Good

Stevy Vee – Let It Loose