Cruise Music is a house music label that originated in 2014 as an idea that something like this is needed on the scene and was founded by Mark Funk and his "younger brother" Danny Cruz.

At that point, they were one of the world's leading jacking house producers, with several award-winning no. 1 singles, and the label came as a natural sequence of events.

The idea was to put their sound (jackin, disco, funky house) on the label, but also to "wake up" local and regional producers of house music.

After only a year, Cruise Music has reached the status of a leading Serbian and regional house music label, and today they are side by side with world’s leading record labels, both because of the artists on the roster and high positions on online stores, and because of the music selection that has been recognized by the world’s biggest artists, promoters and music portals.



Danny Cruz

A&R/PR Manager


Mark Funk

A&R/PR Manager








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Peter Brown – Nobody Else

Folkness – Wanna Be

Kleo Kalu – Charity

Mirko & Meex – My Night

LeBon (UK), YVRH – Vibes

Toscana – Our Music

Monoton – Oh Baby

MrGabryDj – Work Out

Folkness – If You

Dimo – Show Me The Way

Samo – Never Say Goodnight

Toscana – We Are Lost

Danny Cruz – Sugar

HP Vince – Higher Dreams

HP Vince – When The World

Oscar Pino – Another Day

Mikko – So Many Times

Hiva – Everybody

Mirko & Meex – Sunshine

Oggie B – The Joy You Bring

BNT – L to R

BDK – Let Her Know

Paolo Barbato – 7 Dance

LeBaron James – My Emotions

Tom Leeland – Honey Honey

Diego Forsinetti – Funk

Mark Coppi – Funky Soul VIbe

Max Esposito – Loved Em

Softpaw – You x3

LeBaron James – Mirage

Funky Fable – One Day

Le Bon Groove – Maracatu

Mark Funk – Wanting You

Mirko & Meex – Diva

Gy Fos – Holding On

Franky Phox – Faith

JedX – C’mon

Mark Funk – I Believe

Softpaw – Joke

Din Jay – Soulshakin

JedX - Don't Hate

JedX – Don’t Hate

Souxsoul – Don’t Stop

Mark Funk – Block Walk

Hiva – Moonlight

Toscana – Take My Hand

Runkle&Moody – Cinnamon

Tonbe – Rotate

Carlostella – Again

Omson – One Love

Kenny Bizzarro – Rush

Da Funk Junkies – Get To You

Carlostella – Paradisco

The Stoned – Come Together

Lebedev (RU) – Downtown EP

Kataa – I Found House

Porgie – Like 123

Mirko & Meex – I’m Fine

Le Bon Groove – Tell Me

Gangs of Naples – Baguette

Oggie B – Beat All Night

Keith Mac – Feel It

Crack D – Thinking of You

Omson – Shine So Bright

Carlos Salas – Hey Boy

Le Bon Groove – Fonk Bass

Hawksburn – Last Night

Mirko & Meex – Prayer

Franky Phox – Alright EP

BUBS – Chocolat Groove

Diego Forsinetti – Movin

Stereo Traxx – So Real

Mark Funk – Get On Down

Chic_Ago – Come Back

Infrasoul – Atlantic Swing

LeBaron James – On My Mind

Inve & Forsi – Love

Mirko & Meex – Everyday

Oggie B – Keep It Comin’

Giman – Watch That Man

Allain Faurd – Romance 2020

LeBaron James – Don’t Stop

Mirko & Meex – Gossip

HP Vince – Quicksand

Samo – La Touche Magique

Maffa – Mandingo

Someone – Get Down

DAN:ROS – Move On

Deftone – Back In 1995

Omson – Dance With Me

AVA (It) – The Pony

Mirko & Meex – Feel It

N2N - Witness

N2N – Witness

Souxsoul – My Love

Danny Cruz – Walk On

Oh-Me – Play To Win

Mark Funk – Le Fever

DAN:ROS – Kool Kats

KPD – You Want Some

Azuro - If You Try

Azuro – If You Try

Souxsoul - Sweetest Man

Souxsoul – Sweetest Man


Bonetti – Give Me

N2N – Funk Me Baby

Hot Jam - Get It

Hot Jam – Get It

C. Da Afro – Stand Up

Mirko & Meex – Just A Touch

Buff - Come on

Buff – Come On

Andy Bach – Feel Free EP

SRCS - What You Gonna Do

SRCS – What You Gonna Do

Jekkie - Doing It

Jekkie – Doing It

Alex preston Flash Mob

Alex Preston – Flash Mob

Oggie B - Come Hear

Oggie B – Come Hear

AVA (It) – Wild Children

Mirko & Meex - Moonlight

Mirko & Meex – Moonlight

Waby - For The Sistas

Waby – For The Sistas

N2N – Sweet Darlin

Worms - Time to start

Worms – Time To Start

HP Vince – Funk On It

JedX - Success

JedX – Success

Mirko & Meex.jpg - My Time

Mirko & Meex – My Time

Carlostella - My keys

Carlostella – My Keys

JedX - The Feeling

JedX – The Feeling

Sordid Soundz - Call My Name

Sordid Soundz – Call My Name

Discoslap - Honey

Discoslap – Honey

Diego rey - In My Soul

Diego Rey – In My Soul

Tomaas All – You Wanna Know