Charlie Price

Charlie Price is a 19 Year Old New House & Disco Producer but has been a DJ since 2019.

His inspirations for producing come from the likes of: The Shapeshifters, Mike Dunn, A-Trak, Jellybean Benitez, Marc Cotterell and many more!

For the last two years Charlie has been working hard on his Production and he is happy to be able to start spreading his passion for music by making tracks that’ll fit the modern dancefloors today, while incorporating Old-Skool Disco Flavour!

He has been making music not long now and is still learning but is determined to get his name out there in the industry for a chance at being successful one day!

His style revolves around Sample Techniques, Heavy Percussion and he also likes to make Glitchy Sounds. That is his style of producing!

His first release recently dropped. ‘You’ve Got The Groove’ is a heavy track which is a twist on one of Charlie’s favourite old-skool Disco tracks.
Make sure to check it out & if you like it, please buy!

He has more music out over the course of the next 5 months which’ll hit this page very soon! Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

He also has a Radio Style Show Format called ‘House Disco Energy’ in which he plays (you guessed it), The best in House Disco & Energy!

If you want to check it out, please click on the pages below, and while you are at it, Please follow his Instagram and subscribe to his Youtube Channel where you can be entertained by his mixes.

Big Love!