The Satum

The Satum

Anthony (Mexico, January 21) He is a Mexican electronic musician, a member of The Satum. It is also classified by the production of songs that are considered in the French House style.

The acronym “The Satum” is derived from the set of letters that conforms to the word “The Saturn”.

The Satum with 2 years of career, has been given the opportunity to be on the record label Plus Soda Music, being the latest talent, it is a great return of the amazing French Touch genre. House filtered with maximum energy, synths with heavy side chains, bass line and drums, catchy vocal hook, filters and phasers.

He comments that the reason why he decided to start making music was due to the duo Daft Punk, having influences from this and other artists such as The Phantom’s Revenge and Poka.

The Satum – November Love